A Same Day Edit is the most unique way to create an amazing experience for you and your guests at your wedding! It is a cinematic mini movie showcasing the best moments of your day that’s edited through-out the day, then premiered as one of the events at your reception, on a large projector screen for all your guests to enjoy.

Now for the how it works.  Most couples ask us, “How in the world do you do this?”  Simple answer is : by careful planning, preparation, organization, and a healthy dose of teamwork, sprinkled with prayer on top of it all.  Throughout the day Kimber will upload and edit footage during times when the couple is eating, or Ryan is driving to the next location.  We are constantly trading memory cards and then during the reception when guests are dining, Kimber will edit the film to its completion.

Once the film is ready to impress, we consult your DJ for the perfect time to present it.  Then we begin to pre-set all the cords and connections for the projector and screen so that the transition is seamless. So, while Ryan brings everything onto the dance floor and tweaks any minor details, Kimber borrows the DJ’s mic to explain to guests what they are about to experience.  The bride and groom of course get a front row seat, as well as, parents and any bridal party that wants to.  Highlights from the day are shown in a movie-like form and conclude after approximately 2 minutes.  Afterwards, during applause and hugs we quickly remove all equipment from the dance floor as the DJ resumes the party.

Since your Same Day Edit is completed that night, we are able to post it to social media the very next day for all your friends and family to watch and share.