Ryan’s mission trip to Guatemala

Ryan is heading to Guatemala for a week!

Helping bring food and medicine to those in desperate need.

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by to learn more about my upcoming trip.  I was recently in contact with Jorge Flores, a dear friend and missionary, and he was feeling led to go to Guatemala and help with the relief efforts in whatever capacity was needed.  He and I talked a bit about how I could be involved as well.  It turned out that Jorge and Keith could use an extra hand and I was brought on board.  We will be traveling down July 8th-13th and will be taking food and medicine to the affected areas where they cannot get vehicles.  That means lots of hiking and camping!!!  We will also be taking film gear to produce a short documentary to show how supplies that have been sent have been utilized and how more support can be used.  Please consider partnering with us by donating summer clothes or helping back us financially.  I’m looking for 35 people at $20 each to help partner with me to fund my trip.  Please prayerfully consider how you can take part in aiding the people of Guatemala in this time of disaster.  Click the “Donate” button below to partner with us.




Poster for missions trip to Guatemala #guatemalavolcanorelief