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    Technology has changed the way we do business. If you haven't emerged your company into the era of video marketing and social media marketing, then quite frankly your falling behind. But don't be discouraged! Stark's Studios is trained and ready to effectively help transition your business's marketing into the trends of today's digital age. Having a video on your website that tells the story of your business not only humanizes your company, but also increases potential clients speed of trust in you. The facts are in and nobody can deny that more people are watching videos than reading text. Contact Stark's Studios now to begin the making of your Business Film so that it can convert more lookers into buyers and help your business thrive in your market.

  • Event Promos

    Fashion shows, Fundraisers, Corporate Parties/Banquets, Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries, Talent Shows, Camps, Music Videos, Church Services, Concerts, Virtual Home Tours, Dance Recitals, Baby Arrivals, College Recruitment Videos, NFP Organization promos, and other local community events are just some of the Event Promos we've captured thus far. If you would like to promote or simply preserve the memories of your special event, contact Stark's Studios to begin casting a vision together for your Event Promo today.

  • Social Media Ads

    Over 500 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every single day on Facebook. Out of those numbers, how many are seeing your message? Beginning to advertise your product or service on any of the multiple Social Media platforms can seem a bit overwhelming. Let Stark's Studios experience and expertise help you. Our desire is to partner with you to choose the right platform for your business and to create an effective Social Media Ad that increases traffic to your website or business location.

  • TV Commercials

    In a digital world, where online marketing is growing, there is still a valid need for TV advertising. Stark's Studios can produce a TV Commercial for your business that is as simple or as creative as you want your brand to communicate. Our desire is to partner with you and/or your advertising agency to create an effective TV Commercial that increases traffic to your website or business location.

Promotional videos are one of the best ways to increase awareness about your company and brand. Stark’s Studios is prepared to create beautiful and engaging promotional videos to best showcase your products, your services, and your team. We are proud to service clients in Quincy, IL., Springfield, IL., St. Louis, MO. and are branching into other markets as well.

We create polished videos that build off your brand’s reputation. Our team learns about your business and your customers to ensure your video gets results whether it’s for TV, online, or in-house use. We can produce TV commercials, event promos, business films, or social media ads, based on your needs. 

Stark’s Studios has the videography experience needed to capture video from a unique perspective. We shoot on location and edit each piece for maximum results. Whether your goals are focused on sales, increased conversions, or brand awareness, Stark’s Studios is ready to turn your promotional video into a storytelling masterpiece. 

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