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Ryan Stark - Stark's Studios

Ryan Stark

Founder of Stark’s Studios, Co-Producer, Co- Filmer, Co-Editer, Tech Master, Prepper, and Visionary.  

I didn’t always want to be a videographer… I wanted to be a professional country singer, a ski lift operator, and a construction worker.  Even after starting my video production company, I had no desire to shoot weddings.  I was interested in filming skateboarding and BMX for fun and would film local mixed martial art, UFC type events for extra money, but it wasn’t until a friend who fought MMA asked me to shoot his sisters wedding that I even considered it.  The sister and her fiancé were both lawyers… WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! I was only 19 years old and had zero wedding video experience! How was I going to capture one the most important day of two lawyers lives???  Well… I worked hard and I really earned every dollar of that $500 they spent.  Fast forward 11 years and 74 more weddings here I am married and my wife and I both work at home full time running our business with about 70% of our income being weddings.  

One thing that is central to our business is our faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.  His love for us permeates our life and affects everything we do.  I came to know the Lord in my junior high years and have been serving him ever since.  We enjoy working with our youth group kids, and counseling and filming at church camp every summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I still hop on a BMX bike and go ride, construct plenty of projects in the garage, and still try to go skiing every few years.  One thing I had to give up was my country music career, Kimber as well as anyone else who hears me sing, will vouch that it was probably the best business decision I’ve made.  

Kimber Stark - Stark's Studios

Kimber Stark

Co- Producer, Co-Filmer, Co-Editor, Creative, Animal Lover, Organizer, and Social Butterfly.  

I love people and animals… except wasps because they are just evil creatures. My favorite kind of people are the old ones… I could listen to their stories for the rest of my life and not get bored! I enjoy laughing and making others laugh, reading, making lists, worshiping God, dancing solar flowers, playing tennis and the art of gift giving.  I am extremely detail oriented and have a passion for preserving memories, which is why I joined my husband in his filmmaking business.  Growing up I watched my dad develop a very successful photography business in Keokuk, Iowa and I’ve always had an appetite for art regardless of the medium, but was told if I wanted to make a living as an artist I needed to study graphic design.  Though after only one year at WIU, it was evident that a different major was in need.  So then I thought, maybe Sign Language Interpreting was my calling?!  That didn’t work out either, but God knew what my future held.

I met Ryan through a mutual friend of ours in November of 2013.  Four months later we were engaged and another four months down the road we were married.  Why wait when you’ve met the one your heart’s been praying for, right?!  Well, I began helping Ryan with his business almost immediately by shooting our first wedding together in 2013.  While we were both still working full time jobs, we somehow found time in our busy schedules to grow our part-time company.  By 2015, editing weddings was fighting for my time more than I could give it.  I had to make the hard decision to leave my job as the Activity Director at an adult day program (totally my favorite thing EVER) to pursue Stark’s Studios full time at home.  Fast-forward a year and a half – now (Jan 2017) Ryan is also home full time and we love it!

Most people who meet us ask how in the world we can work with each other all day every day, but the answer is simple: by the grace of God; we turn to Him in our disagreements.  Working together IS difficult at times, but it’s the lifestyle that works for us.  Working from home full time together has enhanced our marriage by leaps and bounds and given each of us a more flexible schedule to pour into ministry opportunities near and dear to our hearts.

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