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Personal Crafted Wedding Films

Matthew + Hannah

Feature Film At Defiance Ridge Winery:  Defiance, Mo

Matthew and Hannah worked at the same company just a few floors apart but never met each other. Not until a girls weekend three states away, ended up merging with a guys night after work! These two didn't hit it off at first meeting, but by the end of the night were wrapped up in an engaging game of chess on Hannah's phone. Who won? Well, we will let them tell you that story! With Hannah’s beauty and grace and Matthew’s quick witted humor, these two make a wonderful couple. Watch their feature film below and experience their beautiful day at Defiance Ridge Vineyards.

Carlos + Tami

Feature Film
Washington, MO

Weddings are for celebrating, and that is what everyone did at Carlos and Tami's wedding. The weather was perfect, the bridal party was a blast, and all the vendors made up a perfect team. Watch their feature film and marvel at the amazing venue Sunset Bluffs.

Max + Amanda

Feature Film at Pointe D'vine 

Amanda was here for recruiting duty, she actually cried the whole way to Quincy from her previous post. Max came up to her at a bar, “With this big gnarly beard” she said, and wanted to find out who she was and what was her story. Amanda wasn’t even sure she wanted a second date, and Max admits it was a little rough at first. When Max was sleeping one night, Amanda was listening to his snoring and realized it didn’t irritate her, it was then when she tried to imagine her life without Max, she said, “Oh no, I have to have him forever”

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